Everyone knows the 5 star athletes

When the Ohio State Buckeyes start their recruiting campaigns after each season they know who all the 5-star athletes are across the country.  This may seem like an advantage, but it isn’t.  Today everyone knows who these athletes are and in fact most coaches and programs have known who they are for many years.  Recruiting is not about finding talent – everyone knows where the talent is.  Recruiting is all about securing the talent.  Another way to say securing is selling, and that’s exactly what Urban Myer, Nick Saben, and the rest of the top level coaches know how to do – sell themselves and their program!

Too often today Human Resource Managers and Hiring Managers believe that just knowing who the candidates are is enough, and that all they have to do is keep a list of these people handy and then when the time comes to fill a position just visit that list and make a couple calls to see who is available.

The “sell” is something that is lost on too many.  The fact is the “sell” is the only thing that can differentiate your company from anyone else – because today everyone knows who all the 5 star athletes are and they know how to find them!

If you are a manager and don’t have a solid pitch or someone who knows how to help you put together that pitch you better panic, or call a great recruiter who knows how, and understands the value in being able to have a “company sell” when talking to top level candidates.  The best recruiters know what these 5 star candidates are looking for and know where they may have some frustrations.  Therefore they can work to help customize the approach for each candidate.  After all each candidate does feel, deservedly so – that they are special.

That is how the best coaches land the best athletes – they go to the living room, they know the kids and the kids’ families and they make each and every athlete feel the love and make sure they know that they are truly special!  I you’re not recruiting like Nick Saben – ask yourself who are you emulating?